French Oak Fans & Staves

The A.P. John French ‘fans’ and ‘mini staves’ are available in a range of oak sources and toast options, providing different flavour profiles. Our product range is designed to offer a broad range of options for a range of winemaking applications.

These products have been designed for integration during primary (alcoholic) and malolactic fermentations as well as for maturation applications.

Applications of between one square meter and three square metres per 1000 litres of wine delivers the required integration sought by winemakers.

Toast options include:

  • Convection toast (medium or medium plus options) which deliver lifted, rich, sweet-toasted vanilla and offers plenty of mid palate flavour and weight. Best for wines that need sweet flavour contribution.
  • Traditionale (fire toast) which delivers more subtle aromatics than the Convection toast. Vanilla and sweet spice, with dark chocolate and a complex toast character. The Fine Oak tannins are firmer, more linear and structural. Best suited to wines that already have good fruit sweetness but require structure and complexity.


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