The A.P. John business incorporates the ‘Barossa Spirit Cooperage’, producing artisan barrels for premium distillers.

The range represents our commitment to the distillery and brewing industries. The range includes different sizes and barrel sources, with some options for toast/char treatments to meet the distiller’s requirements.

Working with the largest resource of used barrels in Australia, as well imported spirit barrels, we apply 130-years of barrel manufacturing experience to meet the requirements of distillers and brewers.


We offer premium-quality new, second-hand and re-coopered barrels for a range of spirit styles, whether that’s whisky barrels, rum barrels or barrels for other bespoke requirements.

Barrels can be tailored to the needs of artisan distillers and brewers across a range of sizes, oak sources, toast and char options.

Ex-Wine Barrels

We offer a selection of ex red and white wine barrels (subject to availability) which are re-purposed for ageing spirits.

We can re-sized ex-red wine barrels to 120L and fit these with new oak heads.

We also convert second hand, ex-red barriques (225L) into a charred spirit barrel. Both French and American oak barrels are offered, subject to availability.

Our team can work with distillers on toast and char options.


We also make new spirit barrels in 225L and 120L sizes.

With our supplies of premium, 36-month seasoned oak, these barrels stand out for their structural integrity and quality finish.

The quality of the oak, together with our skill in the cooperage delivers a super premium spirit barrel.

Please contact our experienced sales team for more information about barrel types to suit your specific requirements:

Nathan Gogoll

Jarrod Schmidt 

John McGovern


A.P. John has access to a range of new and used 200L US-produced Bourbon barrels.

New barrels are sourced from the Speyside Bourbon Cooperage, located in Jackson, Ohio.

Second-hand barrels are sourced from the premier Bourbon Distilleries in the US.

We also resize second-hand Bourbons to 115L barrels and fit these with new American oak heads.

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