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    French Oak Mini Staves

    The A.P. John Mini Staves (oak planks) offer controllable oak-integration. Our Mini Staves are approximately 180mm long, 65mm wide and 8mm thick. French Oak Mini Staves are available across a range of oak and toast options.

Recommended Applications

  • The A.P. John ‘mini staves’ offer a different surface-to-volume ratio compared to our Fan Packs, which provides the winemaker with another option for oak integration.
  • Suited to both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation as well as maturation applications.
  • The ‘mini staves’ are packaged in 5kg ‘food grade’ tank infusion bags.
  • This product is a practical alternative to longer ‘tank planks’.

Dosage rate

An application rate of one-to-three square metres in 1000 litres of wine delivers the required integration sought by winemakers.

However, this product can be used at low rates for medium to long-term extraction times (six-to-12 months), as well as higher rates for short-term extraction times (one-to-three months).

*Please note: The dosage rates are recommendations only and individual trials, carried out according to grape varieties and desired outcomes, are highly recommended.

Toast options

A.P. John Mini Staves are available in similar oak and toast variants as our Fan Packs (our French Oak range includes our Fine Grain, Structure and Balance products, which are available in different toast options). Please contact our experienced sales team for more information.

For more information about these products, contact the sales team via email.


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