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    French Oak Barrel Inserts

    Fresh-Oak Integration within a Seasoned Barrel

    A.P. John Barrel Inserts are designed to be used in older barrels. They deliver new oak flavour integration, with a subtle toast lift that enhances fruit characters.


The A.P. John barrel inserts provide fresh-oak integration within a seasoned (neutral) barrel.

  • Available across a range of French Oak and toast options.
  • Equivalent to 25% of the interior surface area of a new barrique.
  • Designed to fit through the bung hole, for straight forward installation and extraction.

Complete with stainless steel wire and carabiner (snap hook) for securing to bung or exterior of barrel.

Recommended applications

To be used in older barrel maturation applications where oak flavours need subtle lift to enhance fruit characters.

  • Single use for minimum of three months recommended.
  • The inserts are constructed with inert, food-grade plastic fixings.
  • They are individually wrapped for transport and require no assembly in the winery.

Dosage rate

These inserts are a single-use product, designed for medium to long-term extractions (three-to-12 months). They deliver fresh oak characters which are no longer available from older barrels during maturation.

  • One barrel insert per barrique, hogshead or puncheon.

For more information about these inserts, contact the sales team via email.


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