• French Oak Fans & Staves

    Balance F and F+

    Our Balance French Fans are available in two toast options, providing different flavour profiles.

    Balance F bolsters the mid palate and provides richness. Balance F+ provides mid palate complexity with elevated toast characters.


The ‘fan’ pack can be used during alcoholic and malolactic fermentations as well as for maturation applications. The A.P. John ‘fans’ offer a surface-to-volume ratio that provides the winemaker with optimum control over the regulation of the transference of oak flavours and characteristics.

Our packs have been designed for easy installation across small, medium and large tanks (from 1000L upward). Experience with A.P. John ‘fans’ indicates applications of between one and three square metres per 1000 litres of wine delivers the integration sought by most winemakers.

Please contact our experienced sales team for more information about oak types and application rates to suit your specific requirements.


Toast and spice. Fine, mouth-filling tannin.
Back palate length.
This oak adds body to the wine, the subtle char promotes darker fruit characters. While it can be used on most reds varietals, it is very well suited to Cabernet and Shiraz.


Subtle Char Aromatics. Palate Weight.
Fine Tannin. Creamy Mouthfeel.
The toast level on this product promotes and supports fruit in the darker spectrum. This product is suited to a range of full-bodied reds varietals that require toasty highlights – especially Cabernet and Shiraz.



Oak Seasoned at mill for two winters receiving an annual precipitation of 950 mm pa prior to shipment to our cooperage in the Barossa. The oak then spends another six-to-eight months in our seasoning yard for further conditioning, which further enhances the unique properties, and to stabilise the moisture content.

Growing Region

This Quercus Petraea oak is selected from the Allier and other central French forests.

Average rainfall:               950mm

Technical Specifications

Complete with stainless steel wire and carabiner (snap hook) for securing to existing rings, lugs or the tank lid. A.P. John packages ‘fans’ to ensure freshness and to keep packaging materials to a minimum, however we can pack to suit your individual requirements. No assembly is required.


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