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    A.P. John Oak Chips are made from seasoned French and American oak planks. This product delivers a high-quality and cost-effective oak solution for fermentation and maturation.


Adding Oak Chips to wine ferments boosts micro oxygenation in the early stages of vinification, this helps the yeast function, stabilises colour and also begins to create texture and mouthfeel, providing real tannin integration.

Maturation with Oak Chips develops aromatics, flavour mouthfeel and structure.

Application rates can be adjusted to suit individual winemaking requirements, however experience with A.P. John Oak Chips suggests that rates of between one-to-five grams per litre (applied at the crusher and/or during maturation) deliver the desired results.

Please contact our experienced sales team for more information about application rates to suit your specific requirements.

*Please note: The dosage rates are recommendations only and individual trials, carried out according to grape varieties and desired outcomes, are highly recommended.

Seasoning & Toasting

Oak logs are sawn into planks and seasoned in the country of origin prior to shipment to the Barossa. The planks are stacked to expose the oak to the open air and to the elements (rain and snow) for minimum 24 months.

Seasoned oak planks are then chipped, then batch toasted.


Product Specifications

Oak Chips are available in Bulk Bags (300kg plus), 10kg Poly Bags and Immersion Bags.

* Material Safety Data Sheets and other product specifications, documents and declarations are available on request.


Oak Additives


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