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    Fermoak is a customised product from A.P. John made from a blend of different oak sources. This product delivers a high-quality and cost-effective oak solution for fermentation and maturation.


This is a customised product from A.P. John that is a blend of different oak sources (Quercus Petraea, Robur in Europe and Quercus Alba in the USA). It is ideal for addition to the must during primary fermentation – but is also an option as finishing oak.

Adding Fermoak at fermentation boosts micro oxygenation in the early stages of vinification, this helps the yeast function, stabilises colour and also begins to create texture and mouthfeel, providing real tannin integration.

Please contact our experienced sales team for more information about application rates to suit your specific requirements.


Seasoning & Toasting

Oak logs are sawn into planks and seasoned in the country of origin prior to shipment to the Barossa. The planks are stacked to expose the oak to the open air and to the elements (rain and snow) for minimum 24 months.

Seasoned oak planks are then chipped and blended to make Fermoak, then batch toasted.


Product Specifications

It is a slightly larger format than A.P. John Oak Shavings. Fermoak is fine slithers of oak which range in size from 5-to-20mm in length and up to 2mm wide.

Fermoak is available in bulk bags (300kg plus) as well as 10kg poly bags.

* Material Safety Data Sheets and other product specifications, documents and declarations that are available on request.


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