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    Medium Fine Grain

    Fruit lift. Palate build.

    Ideally suited to medium-bodied wines that would benefit from approachable tannin for mid palate weight and length.


Custom toast options matched to selected French Oak. This barrel respects and lifts primary fruit aromatics. It supports the up-front fruit and builds the mid and back palate.

This medium fine grain barrel is ideally suited to medium-bodied wines that would benefit from approachable tannin for added mid palate weight and length.


We toast this barrel utilising the proprietary ‘SFT’ coopering method to enhance the Bordeaux micro-climatic and organoleptic properties of this oak.

  • SFT (medium)
  • SFT-1 (medium light)
  • SFT-1L (medium light ‘long’ = mid palate softness & volume)
  • SFT-2 (light)

Growing region

This Quercus Petraea oak is selected from Centre of France forests.

Average rainfall:               970mm pa
Elevation average:           378m


Oak is seasoned at the Bordeaux mill for 36 months, where it receives an annual average precipitation of close to 1000mm, prior to shipment to our cooperage in the Barossa. After taking delivery, the oak spends another four-to-six months conditioning, to stabilise the moisture content in our cooperage facilities, which further enhances the unique properties.

Technical Specification

TypeCapacity (L)Weight (kg)Surface area (m2)Height (cm)Head diameter (cm)Bilge (cm)Stave thickness (mm)

A maximum of 10.5% moisture content is maintained throughout manufacture. This is the natural moisture content experienced in South Eastern Australia which ensures minimal shrinkage and provides exceptional sealing properties resulting in negligible leakage. Our barrels are not water tested prior to shipping.


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