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    Vats or ‘Big Wood’ have traditionally played a vital and integral part within the Australian wine industry having been constructed and used extensively prior to stainless steel being introduced for wine maturation.


A.P. John continues to nurture this highly-skilled, handcrafted product sector within its cooperage as ‘Big Wood’ Vats regain popularity.

A.P. John Coopers currently manufacture 800 gallon (3600L) and 500 gallon (2250L) French and American Oak round-bent Vats – also 300 gallon (1350L) French only.

Unique and proprietary Vats or Fermenters can be tailor made to order.

Additions to the Vats include: stainless steel bilge drain, stainless steel racking valves and stillage.
All oak used for AP John Coopers Vats is seasoned in country of origin for 48+ months prior to
shipment to our Barossa Cooperage.


Available in three sizes:

  • 300gal (1350L)
  • 500gal (2250L)
  • Other large format, by request


  • 500gal (2250L)
  • 800gal (3500L)

All Vats are completed with a wooden manhole door, stainless steel bolt/brass nut and 60mm bung hole.



A.P. John Vats are available with additional fittings, including:

  • Sample Tap
  • Racking Valve
  • Bilge drain
  • Stillage


Please contact our experienced sales team for more information about the vat size and fittings to suit your specific requirements.


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