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    Bourbon barrels

    A.P. John sources new Bourbon barrels from the Speyside Bourbon Cooperage.

    We also have a range of used Bourbon barrels, sourced from four different North American distilleries.

    Both new and second hand Bourbon barrels are made from Quercus alba (white oak) and hold 200L (53 gallons)

A.P. John has sourced a range of new and used 200L US-produced Bourbon barrels. New barrels are sourced from the Speyside Bourbon Cooperage, located in Jackson, Ohio.

Our second hand supplies are sourced from some of the premier Bourbon Distilleries in the USA, including:

  • Heaven Hill
  • Makers Mark
  • Buffalo Trace

We resize second hand Bourbons to 115L barrels and can fit these with new American oak heads. These barrels are offered with tailored toasting options (including de-char/re-char). The cooperage can toast and char barrels to meet your specific requirements.

We also convert second hand, ex-red barriques (225L) into a charred spirit barrel. Both French and American oak barrels are available.


Oak Additives


Barossa Spirit Cooperage

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