A full range of quality silicone Bungs for that perfect seal are available from A.P. John Coopers.

We carry a wide range of bungs, including fermentation, solid based and our own A.P. John branded, lipped and recessed base bungs. Bungs to suit A.P. John barrels (bung hole size: 53mm outside diameter / 48.5mm inside diameter) include:

  • Three options of recessed base bungs
  • A recessed base and lipped bung
  • Solid base bungs
  • Fermentation bungs

We also have silicon vat bungs and wooden keg bungs available.



For a total seal, wooden shives are the traditional option for long-term maturation.

A.P. John Shives are made from the same quality oak as our A.P. John staves. A range of sizes are available from 50mm to 68mm.

*Minimum order 50 units

Hammer and Driver

Handmade on the premises to the same high standards of all A.P. John products, the Hammers and Drivers are the same quality as used by our Coopers every day.

These specialized Coopers tools will make your in house minor repair work easy.


Used for minor hole repair work, our spiles are made of the same quality oak as A.P. John barrel staves.

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